The Hermitage Spa

The Hermitage Spa
Experience sense of comfort & relaxation with our pressure point tantric reflexology. The hong kong massage treatment starts off with a dead sea salt foot bath with the effect of removing impurities and body fatigue, together with fresh ginger to promote blood circulation and flower petals for fragrant. The massage applies Epionce Renewal Enriched Body massage Lotion, which gently helps to stimulate skin renewal, improve skin firmness, elasticity and texture, leaving the skin healthier, smoother, softer and moisturised. 
Foot Tantric Massage 50mins$1250
Foot Sensual Massage (50mins) + Shoulder & Neck body-to-body Massage (15mins)65mins$3320
Foot Nuru Massage (50mins) + Shoulder & Neck Naturist Massage (25mins)75mins$3380
The Healing Hong kong Massage (Accupressure)
Using accupressure massage techniques that focus on pressure points to improve body circulation, relief from stress, muscle pains and body aches. A strong treatment that promote overall well being and ultimately achieving healing effects. One will feel loosen up and energised after the therapy. Application of essential oil is recommended to boost the massage healing effects.
The Healing Massage
The Healing Massage with Essential Oil (Rose, Ginger, Menthol, Neutral)
Swedish Sensual Tantra Massage                                                                      
The "Classic" style of massage that uses long, flowing strokes to improve blood circulation, reduce muscle pain and joint stiffness, ease headache and backache.
Detoxify / Lymphatic Happy-ending Massage                                                    
Stimulating the lymphatic system with special pressure massage techiques and essential oil, this therapy helps tp detox by encouraging the lymphatic system to eliminate metabolic wastes and toxins within the body, reduct water-retention, as well as improve the immune system and boost energy level.
Stress Release Outcall Massage                                                              25mins$1220
Concentrated on head, back and shoulder to give an instant relief of headache, stress and tension. Suitable for those with hectic schedules for an express powerful rest or add to your other treatments for additional enjoyment.
Herbal Compress Hong kong Outcall Massage                                                        
An ideal remedy for health both emotional and physical well-being. Using freshly steamed herbal compress together with patting and pounding techniques to alleviate muscles aches and tension. A blissfully, warm and relaxing treatment that soothes and detoxifies the body as well as exfoliates and purifies the skin.
Hot Stone Nude Massage                                                                  75mins$1750
A deeply soothing massage treatment, excellent for tight muscles, stress, anxiety and body fatique. Hot stones are massage smoothly along the body, combined with Swedish Sensual Massage and essential oils, continually penetrating into your muscle fibres and literally melting away layers of tension. The body quickly returns to its natural state of well being, promoting a sense of inner peace.
The Hermitage Signature Nuru Massage (Aromatherapy)                
Our Signature Massage at the Hermitage Spa is a blissful blend of East and West. This medium strength massage involves unique hong ong massage style and Thai stretching, together with rose oil from Great Britain, this aromatherapy massage helps to sooth your entire body from top to toe, a truly relaxing experience.
Four Hands Massage Hong Kong
An immensely pleasurable experience where you will receive a massage by two therapists simultaneously. The two therapists complement each other's work, keeping the body constantly warm, doubling the healing efficiency for the circulatory, immune and nervous systems. Consequently achieving a more effective therapeutic result. One session treatment with two times the impact - there is nothing like this!
Four Hands Hot Stone outcall Massage            75mins$3,100
Four Hands Hermitage Signature tantra Massage                                        
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