Savoury Smooch!! Bizarre Hardcore Entertainment Massage

Savoury Smooch!! Bizarre Hardcore Entertainment Massage

Savoury Smooch! Hongkong (call/whatsapp: +852-6032 5002)
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N O T * F O R * T H E * F A I N T H E A R T E D
Savoury Smooch! Hongkong encompasses a full array of hardcore erotic massage modules and blatantly bizarre performance guarantee to blow your mind away. Body worship, Uniform role play, Nyotaimori(Gourmet Smooch), Reverse massage, are amongst our most popular choices. Check on our menu for full repertoire:

Innocent School girl
Whether for a yummy reminiscence of school age fantasy, a legitimate relief for a paedophilic urge, or simply a natural affinity towards the upskirt school-uniformed, we are here to provide the outlet. When arranging your appointment, also feel free to let us know your choice. We have barely-legal real-life schoolgirls as well as voluptuous mature in tight school uniform.

TantriCat Bath
"Utterly Yummy!" - The Daily Telegraph
"Simply irresistible." - The Guardian
"...I want to say one thing to the American people. I want you to listen to me. I'm going to say this again: Its awesome." - B. Clinton

Tutti Frutti
A showcase of tropical passion, our tutti-frutti angels would demonstrate to you how mouth-watering a "Nyotaimori" fruit platter can be organise...Bop bopa-a-lu a whop bam boo. Tutti frutti, oh Ruby.

Savoury Smooch! Hongkong
bizarre, hardcore entertainment for total stress relief (call/whatsapp: +852-6032 5002)

To find out our complete menu visit us at :
Savoury Smooch! Hongkong (call/whatsapp: +852-6032 5002)

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