At Dragonfly we provide ladies and men a unique "touch of the Orient" with our ever popular massage services. Our massage therapies combine the best of ancient oriental massage techniques and are available in two varieties: a classic "relaxing" massage that is guaranteed to relax your body and mind - or a "deep-tissue" massage that is more invigorating. Applied over time time, both not only make you feel great but provide you health and wellness benefits that are steeped in the mysteries of time.
Choose from a basic one hour "classic" massage - such as our Chinese hongkong massage or Oriental Foot massage hong kong – or pamper yourself with a luxurious package like our Ultimate Indulgence or Happy Landing treatments. Or for real bliss, choose a "four hands" treatment such as Top to Toe or Double Trouble.
Japanese tantric Massage
Aims to assist the body to regain from strains, aches and stress through acupressure, and lymph draining techniques
Aroma Oil hongkong Massage outcall
Lavender oil is perfect for treating insomnia; it is sedative and calming for the emotions and mind. It also helps to relieve chest congestion and muscular aches and pain. Restores energy and fosters overall well-being.
Top to Toe tantra massage
Our signature therapy, a combination of Oriental Foot Massage in hong kong with head, shoulder and arm massage by two therapists at the same time guarantees you will leave our Retreat feeling as light as a dragonfly.
Happy Landing Massage Hongkong
Refresh yourself with our in-house remedy for jet lag and travel discomfort that combines 1 hour Chinese tantric massage with a half hour of Oriental Foot Tantra Massage and a special half hour Hongkong Foot Massage Therapy to relieve swelling.
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