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Pure Massage is the largest high rank hong kong massage healthcare center in Hong Kong. The first shop was established in Whampoa Garden in 2000. There are total 11 shops all over Hong Kong, with 30,000 existing VIP members and more than 300 professional and attentive hong kong massage technicians. The number of customer served each year is more than 250,000. Pure OUtcall Massage Hongkong strives to provide solutions for tackling health problems by providing 5-star regimen and healthcare services to the customers, including the Chinese traditional medical foot & full body oil massage, point massage hongkong, lymphatic drainage massage outcall services.




Health and the soles of the feet




Traditional Chinese Medicine mentioned everybody has “four bases”, which are ear, nose, breast and feet. Feet are the most important base among the four. There is an old saying that “foot are not healthy when people aging, roots are dried up when trees dying”. We can see the relationship between foot and human health. The medical professions believe that “foot is the second heart of human”. As foot are the farthest part from the heart, the blood flow through is slower. This make the uric acid crystals and exceeding minerals deposit on reflex zones of the soles of the feet, impairing blood circulation, leading to weak metabolic disorders, deficiency of blood, and menstrual disorders. In recent years, the clinical findings reveal that having foot & body tantric massage in Hong Kong frequently can make the blood circulation better and more smoothly, thereby reducing the cardiac stress, so as to achieve a healthy life.




Benefits of Tantric Massage in Hong Kong


To penetrate the body meridians


To stimulate cell viability


To promote blood circulation 


To slow down the ageing speed


To remove toxins


To enhance immunity




Benefits of Medical Tantra Massage


To relieve pains (sciatica, neck & back, menstrual pain) 


To sparse tendon and unblock network of blood vessels


To enhance blood circulation


To prevent disease via tantric massage therapy



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