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We are one of the leading directories of spa and massage professionals in Hong Kong. Dedicated to reaching the thousands of travellers looking for an outcall tantric or nuru massage service in Hong Kong after an exhaustive day at work or sightseeing.

Our editors are devoted to providing the inspiration, ideas and guidance to help you present your nuru massage establishment with confidence. From styling the perfect layout, to finding the right targets and having booking processes set in place, our experts provide the information you and your customers that are looking for tantric massages require. These processes help to build a perfect service relationship.

Partnering with us gives you direct access to the markets which have the spending power to impact your business. Customers across Central, Tsim Sha Tsui or Wan Chai can discover your services through our classifieds of Hong Kong therapists. Our sense of optimism and possibility drives customers to click, comment, pin and like more than ever before. We ensure that when customers come to us they are coming to your brand too.

Tens of thousands of travelers arrive with the mindset to receive a proper service of nuru massage in Hong Kong — Mid-aged (median age 42) and affluent (HHI $520K), they are constantly connected (1 in 3 access via their mobile phone), hungry for more (45% revisit within the week), and have a lot to say (6,000+ comments a month).


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Pinpoint Tantric Massage Audiences

Our proprietary approach enables spas and professionals in Hong Kong to best reach their potential customers. We are able to target and retarget individuals based on their particular interests and preferences.

Our targeting system uses more than 300 targeting parameters to get you the exact audience you need. We start with business traveller profiles derived from Public Social Domains and build your customer audience by adding location, time of day, external and internal factors, intent targeting and more to draw genuine customers to your brand.

What We Can Offer Your Nuru Massage Business

Contemporary medicine can be complicated and costly, leading to a growing interest in eastern medicine techniques and alternative therapies. Nuru and tantric massages are a popular form of alternative treatment found across Wan Chai, Central and Tsim Sha Tsui.

Massage Eden is dedicated to putting individuals who are searching for a practitioner in Central, Tsim Sha Tsui or Wan Chai, in touch with a professional who is both qualified and suitable for their needs. In addition, Massage Eden is also passionate about advocating and promoting the positive benefits of complementary and alternative therapies.


Our Nuru/Tantric Massage Hong Kong Directory Includes:

• Territory-wide database of professional massage therapists and massage parlours, both offering mobile off-site services.• Full profiles for each service provider including background information, specialist areas, service hours and location.
• A detailed database of fact-sheets featuring details about the various massage therapy modules on offer.
• Complete yet quick and easy search that allows everyone to search by area of specialisation using different filters.
• A comprehensive FAQs section, providing those in need with the answers they require.
• User Articles section in which massage therapists and users alike can share their views.

By collating this information, individuals searching for an alternative therapist will have easy access to all information needed to make an informed choice.

Why choose us?

Over the years, we have spent creating networks designed to connect individuals with professional tantric and nuru massage therapists, we have worked hard to develop a successful model for our directory. You can source body-to-body services through our directory.

Our classifieds database is so comprehensive and well thought-out, we now know exactly what it is that those in need require from a directory and we have a team of professionally trained staff who are dedicated to making this happen.

Massage Eden aims to be the leading directory for tantric massage services information and advice. Connecting those seeking nuru massage services in Central, Wan Chai and Tsim Sha Tsui with the largest network of professional massage service providers in Hong Kong is our number one priority.

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If you are a professional nuru or tantric massage therapist, or perhaps an established massage parlour and would like to join our website, please contact us via email to find out how you can join our listing.


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